Customs Broker

A customs broker is a licensed logistics expert responsible for ensuring that a shipment meets all standards and regulations for the import or export of goods. This means that as well as handling your freight forwarding logistics, we will ensure that your goods are processed and released by customs as quickly as possible assisting with all necessary documentation, duties, taxes, and payments.

Shipments that do not meet customs requirements can be held indefinitely at the shipper’s expense or even seized. If you are unsure if your shipment meets all of the requirements for customs clearance, hiring a customs broker can be a cost effective choice when exporting or importing your goods.

Our customs broker experts will handle all import and export customs declarations for your goods, ensuring that there are no delays to the movement of your shipments or that they are held in customs unnecessarily.

For shipments needing full customs clearance in and out of the UK we can provide:

Contact us if you are interested in our customs brokerage service and would like to skip the step of wondering what information is needed to start the clearance process.

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