Wooden Case & Crate Manufacture

Stadium Export Services has over 35 years of experience in quality wooden shipping crate making which means we are able to respond to your enquiry at short notice and provide a prompt service without compromise. Our experts in wooden shipping crate making hold the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture cases to suit your individual needs. All of our custom made wooden cases and pallets are designed and made in accordance with BS1133 . We can provide design drawings to help you to establish the method of packaging most suitable to you.

We only purchase from sustainable managed forests and import timber from Scandinavia, Germany and Latvia ensuring we are using the highest quality of sustainable timber available.

All of our timber is heat treated to meet international ISPM 15 standards for world wide export which prevents the spread of plant pests and diseases by using specially treated wooden packaging material (WPM). We provide solutions that work, with safety and quality at the forefront of our business.

Types of case making available:

Timber cases and crates
Timber cases are ideal for the export of goods. The fully-enclosed sides, ends and lid ensure that any items packed into the case are fully protected from the elements of transportation. Timber cases are usually used in the packing for export for goods which are being exported via sea freight. Our bespoke timber cases and crates can be manufactured to meet specific requirements.

Timber wood crates
Supplied with standard gaps of 95mm between boards on the side-ends and lid, a crate uses less timber and weighs less overall. For this reason crates are a better option to consider when air freighting products.

Plywood framed cases
Due to its relative lightness, plywood is often used as an alternative when packing goods for air freight. All of our plywood cases are ISPM15 compliant and typically range in thickness from 6mm to 22mm depending on your requirements.

Plywood riveted cases
The plywood riveted cases are manufactured from 6mm birch plywood panels with steel corner strips. The cases corner strips allow the sleeve to be folded down so the cases can be in a flat pack form enabling easy storage if required.

Pallets can be made for one trip or constructed for regular use. All pallets manufactured by Stadium Export Services are made with ring-shanked nails for extra holding strength.

Cardboard and fibreboard boxes
Corrugated fiberboard boxes are a paper-based material consisting of fluted corrugated sheets and one or two flat linerboards.